Twitter Updates for 2009-07-20

  • German pile-up involves 259 cars: At least 66 people are injured in a mass pile-up involving 259 cars on a motor.. #
  • Cypriots divided on anniversary: Cypriots mark the 35th anniversary of Turkey's invasion of Cyprus, which led to.. #
  • I Google You – Live Music Performance #
  • A great (cover) Beggin' by The Saturdays ♫ #
  • Coast to coast road trip: Shared by thevoyager Θα το ήθελα πολύ.. και μάλλον πρέπει να μπεί στα μελλοντικά σχέδι.. #
  • RT @sitepointdotcom YouTube to Drop Support for IE6 #
  • Καλημέρα και καλή εβδομάδα σε όλους.. #
  • Twitter Updates for 2009-07-19: Twitter Updates for 2009-07-18: The Coolest Calendar Ever Sucks Ink Out of a Bot.. #

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