Twitter Updates for 2009-07-31

  • Dive right in: As the summer crawls into its later stages, the weather outside is heating up (in the Northern he.. #
  • UK hacker loses extradition appeal: British hacker Gary McKinnon loses his latest High Court bid to avoid extrad.. #
  • Hamilton joy at Schumacher return: Reigning F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton says it will be 'an honour and a pr.. #
  • The Man Who Doesn’t Use Money: Daniel Suelo lives in a cave, unlike the average American—wallowing in credit-car.. #
  • iPhone 3GS και απο την Cosmote: Η Cosmote ανακοίνωσε κι αυτή με την σειρά της σήμερα την εμπορική διάθεση του iP.. #
  • Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy – Μια και ακούγεται και πάλι στα ραδι… ♫ #
  • 1st Generation PDA: How would PDAs be if they were introduced a few centuries before? #
  • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Fox (the video): “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog&#822.. #
  • Speed Charcoal Drawing – Megan Fox #
  • In a strange mood today! I'm thinking of leaving the office a bit earlier! #
  • Santana Carlos – Flor D'luna (Moonflower) ♫ #

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