Twitter Updates for 2009-08-14

  • German group plans to revamp communist Trabant: An updated version of communist East Germany's famously unreliab.. #
  • Squirrel crashes holiday snaps: How cheeky rodent became star of couple's photos | Mail Online #
  • Use Coupon code VGR on Dreamhost to save $50 – #
  • My vacation starts in a few hours.. though I have to break it for a couple of days next week ! #
  • RT @AlexiaMac Sunrise Avenue – Fairytale gone bad (Acoustic / Live bei NRW.TV) #
  • RT @mashable Facebook Not the End: FriendFeed Launches Custom Themes #
  • The Most Amazing Photo of the Universe, Now In 3D: #
  • Social Mojo: Εσείς τί είδους Twitterer είστε;: To Yahoo δημοσίευσε ένα εργαλείο το οποίο αναλαμβάνει να σας υποδ.. #
  • Τσιμέντο-κιτς: Πόλεις για γέλια και για κλάματα #
  • RT @sotostips Just posted: "Ubuntu tips για αρχάριους" #
  • Matchmaker is my social mojo. What's yours?
    Find out at #
  • 31st of August 2009: Microsoft shuts down MSN Soapbox: As of the 31st of August 2009, it’s the end of the road f.. #
  • I will never buy any laptop from MSI: I believe that’s a good reason not to buy a laptop from MSI, especia.. #
  • 31 Αυγούστου: H Microsoft κλείνει το Soapbox: Στις 31 του Αυγούστου η Microsoft θα κλείσει το Soapbox, την προσπ.. #
  • Rare signed Hitler book sells for £21,000: A rare signed copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf is sold for £21,000 at a Sh.. #
  • France and Germany exit recession: The French and German economies unexpectedly grew by 0.3% in the second quart.. #
  • Mystery ship: Rumour is rife over fate of cargo ship amid hijack fears #
  • The global game: How football stars reached England's Premiership #
  • Greek Cypriot bodies identified: The remains of five Greek Cypriot prisoners of war are identified, 35 years aft.. #
  • Video: London Rush Hour #
  • The Most Amazing Photo of the Universe, Now In 3D: #
  • The Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 is the worlds first high fidelity wide band conference phone #ad #
  • Hans Christian Οrsted: Το Google έρχεται σήμερα να μας θυμίσει τα γενέθλια του Hans Christian Οrsted , τον οποίο.. #
  • – FBI -#Fail (lol) #
  • – "Paper Toss" would like to use your current location, Uh, Why? #
  • Twitter Updates for 2009-08-13: The Most Amazing Photo of the Universe, Now In 3D: Showing more than 10,000 gala.. #

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